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Deputy Mayor of Yichang City Inspects Hongshan Laboratory in HZAU

Venue of the symposium [Photo/Wu Feng]

On May 24, a delegation came to HZAU to investigate how the Hongshan Laboratory was developed and operated with a view to promoting profound cooperation between universities & institutions and local enterprises. Members of the delegation include Wang Yinghua (Deputy Mayor of People’s Government of Yichang City), Zhang Yanduo (Vice President of Wuhan Institute of Technology), Li Guozhang (Chairman of Hubei Xingfa Chemicals Group Co., Ltd), and Xiao Minghua (General Manager of Angel Yeast Co., Ltd). They got tremendous hospitality of Yao Jianglin, Vice President of HZAU.

At the symposium, Yao extended a warm welcome to the delegation and then thanked People’s Government of Yichang City for the long-term support it gave to HZAU. After that he made a brief introduction to the development conditions of Hongshan Laboratory. Wang said during the long history of cooperation between universities and local enterprises considerable achievements have been scored. Given the long-lasting guidance and assistance that HZAU provided to promote innovation in agricultural science & technology and high-level industry development of Yichang City, he expressed his gratitude and expected to draw experience from HZAU regarding the construction, operation mechanism and management measures of Hongshan Laboratory through this investigation. Afterwards, the two parties conducted an in-depth exchange around the research topics.

After the symposium, the delegation visited the National Key Laboratory of Crop Genetic Improvement of HZAU.

Representatives from Office of HZAU, Academy of Science and Technology Development, and National Key Laboratory of Crop Genetic Improvement of HZAU participated in the above activities.

Translated by: Shang Meng
Supervised by: Xie Lujie


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