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Academician Deng Xiuxin Elected Vice President of 10th National Committee of CAST

On May 28th, China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) held its 10th National Congress in Beijing, where representatives of HZAU attended the meeting, such as Gao Chi, Secretary of the Party Committee, on behalf of the Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture (CSLA), and Yao Jianglin, Vice President, on behalf of Hubei Association for Science & Technology.

On the morning of May 30th, after the announcement that the fourth plenary session of CAST created its ten committees, two professors of HZAU was elected members of the 10th National Committee of CAST, including Prof. Deng Xiuxin, Vice Dean and member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Prof. Gao Chi, Vice President of CSLA. At the first session in the afternoon, Prof. Deng was elected Vice President of the 10th National Committee of CAST.

The 10th National Committee of CAST consists of 390 members, 1 president, 18 vice presidents and 56 members of the standing committee. It was the second time that Prof. Deng and Prof. Gao had made the list (in 2016, Prof. Deng was the Vice President of the 9th National Committee of CAST, and Prof. Gao the member of the 9th National Committee of CAST respectively).

Translated by: Li Ying, Liu Nianyi
Supervised by: Zhang Juan


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