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HZAU Organizes Paper-cutting Event

Zhu Wan is teaching the method required for paper-cutting. [Photo/Wang Jie] 

A family member of a teacher and her child are experiencing the fun of paper-cutting together. [Photo/Wang Jie]

Students are trying to make a Chinese character “shou” (meaning longevity) by paper-cutting. [Photo/Wang Jie]

The College of Horticulture & Forestry Sciences of HZAU organized the 2021 Shishan Art Festival——Paper-cutting Event on May 29. With the theme of celebrating the centenary of the CPC, the college held a series of paper-cutting activities so as to celebrate the Party’s birthday and tell the story of the Party’s history well.

“With emphasis on innovation, paper-cutting brings to the fore the implication instead of the shape”, Zhu Wan, a PhD student in ornamental horticulture from the College of Horticulture & Forestry Sciences, explained the difference between paper cutting and paper carving to the faculty and students present. She not only led the audience to appreciate the paper-cutting works which centered on the theme of Party history, but showed them the excellent paper-cut for window decoration work made by Fu Zhao’e, an artist famous for Chinese folk art. Through hands-on practice, Zhu Wan taught the audience how to make a Chinese character “shou” (meaning longevity) by paper-cutting. After Zhu Wan’s detailed teaching, many audience made the paper-cutting work “shou” successfully.

Wei Wenxuan who majors in advertisement said,“I experience the great joy of paper-cutting through this event. As an important intangible cultural heritage of China, paper cutting also makes me really feel the beauty of Chinese culture.” A family member of a teacher Mrs. Wang brought her child to participate in the event in order to develop hobbies for her child. In the process of learning, she found that her child had his own understanding of paper-cutting and felt proud of himself when he had succeeded in making a Chinese character “shou”.

Zhu Wan said that through the event faculty and students not only knew more about paper cutting and made their own works, but also expressed their sincere blessings for the centenary of the Party, which was of great significance.

Translated by: Xiong Ying, Wang Xu
Supervised by: Zhang Juan


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