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HZAUers Attend the 9th ICPAA

From May 21 to May 22, the 9th International Conference of Precision Agricultural Aviation (ICPAA), along with the 5th Drone World Congress 2021, was held in Shenzhen, Guangdong, aiming at promoting academic exchanges and application in agricultural aviation both at home and abroad. The event featured the participation of nearly 200 experts, scholars and representatives from well-known enterprises across the world. Several scholars from HZAU were invited to attend the conference, including Zhang Jian, associate professor of the College of Resources & Environment, and Song Peng, associate professor of the College of Plant Sciences & Technology.

Academician Lan Yubin, chairman of the International Society for Precision Agricultural Aviation, delivered a welcome address to all the guests and participants, then he introduced the current status and the outlook of precision agricultural aviation.

Zhang and Song gave their presentations respectively at the conference. Firstly, Zhang gave a presentation entitled “High-throughput UAV Phenotyping Platform for Smart Agriculture”, in which he introduced the on-going research and platform development in the field of agricultural drone. In his research, he concluded the “map, shape and spectrum” phenotype information extraction method of the UAV in low-altitude remote sensing platform, and its benefits to the development of smart agriculture. Then, Zhang explained the significance of developing an integrated platform for UAV phenotype information observation & analysis, after addressing multiple problems in current UAVs.

Song delivered a report on “Crop Phenotype Detection Technology and Its Application”, in which he presented HZAU’s current solutions to information extraction in phenotype platform, and the progress of robots for field phenotype collection in a video clip.

Wang Botao and Guo Ziyue, postgraduate students from HZAU, made two posters for display, which were entitled “IHUP: An Integrated High-throughput Universal Phenotyping Software for Extraction Crops Phenotypic Data from UAVs Images”, and “High Throughput Recognition of Rice Panicle Ratio in Field for Modern Breeding Based on Deep Learning And UAV Ultra-definition Image” respectively.

Since it was launched in 2008, ICPAA has been successfully held for 8 times, covering cutting-edge research in the domain, such as quick collection and decoding on agricultural information, construction of ecological unmanned farm, etc.

Translated by: Cheng Yixuan
Supervised by: Jin Bei


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