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Academician Chen Huanchun: Prioritize Upgrading of Pet Hospitals

On June 8, at the inaugural meeting of Pet Health Research Institute of HZAU, Prof. Chen Huanchun from HZAU, an expert in livestock epidemiology and a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, suggested that in order to promote the development of pet hospitals, we should give top priority to improving the standard of pet hospitals.

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people begin to keep pets and they have become an important part of their lives. As the pet industry is developing rapidly, the overall output value related to the industry has been rising at a compound annual growth rate of 30%.

As the relationship between pets and people will become closer and closer, the health of pets will become vital for that of people. “A major issue we are facing now is how to standardize the order between pets and people, maintaining the health of pets so as to protect people’s health,” said Liu Xingbin, Director of the Pet Health Research Institute of HZAU.
The institute will establish six research centers (including pet nutrition and food, pet health and medical care, pet breeding, pet behavior and supplies, pet industry economics and policies and regulations, and pet culture and services), and the social service center and management office.

In order to break down disciplinary boundaries and carry out interdisciplinary research, the Pet Health Research Institute has recruited 59 teachers of various disciplines across HZAU in the first round.

Nowadays, 90% products of China’s pet industry are either coming from foreign countries or monopolized by foreign enterprises. Chen Huanchun said that China would strive to develop the pet industry since the 14th Five-Year Plan and we shall manufacture quality products to meet the needs of the domestic pet market by making full use of science technology.
He suggested the representatives of the Alumni Pet Industry Federation, which was established at the same time as the Pet Health Research Institute, should have broad vision, building a platform and expanding the talent pool for pet industry. He also underscored the importance of scientific research, especially the research on pet diseases.

Translated by: Xiong Ying
Supervised by: Jin Bei



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