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Wang Ling, Top Official of Standing Committee of HPPC Inspects HZAU

On June.7, HZAU leaders including President Li Zhaohu and Vice President Yao Jianglin, warmly received Wang Ling, Party Secretary of the Standing Committee of Hubei Provincial People’s Congress (HPPC) and her delegation, who came to HZAU for inspecting crayfish industry chain.

Wang Ling and her delegation inspect teaching and research base of College of Fisheries for crayfish industry. [Photo/Liu Tao]

Academician Zhang Qifa expounds the advance in black rice research to Wang Ling and her delegation. [Photo/Liu Tao]

The delegation inspected several sites, namely the teaching and research base of College of Fisheries, “Shuangshui Shuanglv” Research Institute, and National Key Laboratory of Crop Genetic Improvement, where they discussed with HZAU scholars on issues regarding crayfish industry chain.

A symposium is held. [Photo/Liu Tao]
     President Li Zhaohu delivers a speech at the symposium. [Photo/Liu Tao]

At the symposium, Prof. Gu Zemao, President of “Shuangshui Shuanglv” Research Institute, reported on the advance in the research of crayfish breeding and “Shuangshui Shuanglv” (an agricultural development model by breeding green aquatic products in green rice field). Then Prof. Zhang Qifa, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, put forward suggestions on concept and brand design of “Shuangshui Shuanglv”. After that, President Li Zhaohu spoke highly of the innovative “Chain Chief System”, where officials at different levels are assigned responsibility for the governance of specific industry chains. Under this great system, HZAU will leverage its discipline advantages to promote local economy. Besides, Li underscored the role that basic research plays in improving efficiency and quality of crayfish industry.

Secretary Wang Ling makes a remark. [Photo/Liu Tao]

Given the substantial contribution HZAU has made to economic progress in Hubei Province, Wang Ling said that she owes heartfelt gratitude to HZAU. According to her, “Shuangshui Shuanglv”, as an innovative and efficient breeding model, should be applied into the green development initiative of the Yangtze River Economic Belt because Jianghan Plain is the key to food security of Hubei Province and even the whole China. The Standing Committee of HPPC will make huge efforts to handle problems raised by scholars and pool their strengths, maximizing the synergy of them so as to provide quality services.

Jiao Chunhai, President of Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Wang Yi, a senior official from Department of Finance of Hubei Province, and other delegation members attended the symposium in the company of representatives from Office of HZAU and College of Fisheries.

Translated by: Shang Meng
Supervised by: Jin Bei



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