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HZAU and DBN Group Collaborate to Break Bottlenecks in Seed Industry

The signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between HZAU and Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group (DBN Group) was held in Wuhan on October 18. The two sides agreed to jointly raise 1 billion yuan in the following 10 years for carrying out in-depth cooperation in biological seed industry through Hubei Hongshan Laboratory and other related platforms, which will help Hubei build itself into China’s Seed Capital.

Scene of the signing ceremony (Photo by Zhang Dong and Peng Yuge)

Gao Chi, Secretary of the Party Committee of HZAU, said that the university and DBN Group have shared dreams, missions and responsibilities. It is hoped that the two sides will work together on the breadth, depth, thickness and precision of cooperation to create a new model of university-enterprise cooperation. At the ceremony, the establishment of HZAU-DBN Group Research Institute was unveiled. The two sides agreed on a ten-year cooperation of which, within the first 5 years, 1 billion yuan will be jointly raised and used for facilitating cooperative scientific research, recruiting overseas high-level talents, developing talents and implementing rural revitalization strategy. DBN Group will also donate 10 million yuan annually to HZAU in the following ten years, which will be used for scientific research and talent training in the university.

DBN Group will participate in the construction of Hongshan Laboratory, and comprehensively strengthen the cooperation in basic research, key technology research, product R&D and transformation in biotechnology breeding under the principle of “Openness, Collaboration and Sharing”. The newly established institute will cooperate with Hubei Hongshan Laboratory and other related platforms to carry out in-depth university-enterprise cooperation in biological seed industry, focusing on the research of corn, rice, pig, fishery, horticulture, digital agriculture and other fields, so as to promote the development of Hubei, the “China Seed Capital” and Hongshan, the “China Seed Center”. “DBN (Wuhan) Innovation Park” will be co-established to promote the agricultural digitalization project of Hubei, strive to build Hubei into a national digital agriculture demonstration province, and jointly push forward the setting up of DBN Digital Group in Hubei.

"HZAU-DBN Group Research Institute" was unveiled.(Photo by Zhang Dong and Peng Yuge)

At the ceremony, the two sides issued the Announcement of Beijing DBN Group-HZAU on Recruiting Innovative Agricultural Scientists Worldwide. The announcement, associating with the needs of DBN Group and HZAU, aims to jointly recruit the world's top scientists, industry experts and R&D chiefs with “internationalization and specialization” as the core principle.


Translated by: Yang Jian

Supervised by: Pan Buhan


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